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  • 0523-86200997,0523-86201997
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    Do a good job as the health guard of Chinese people

    Jiangsu Yingke Biopharmaceutical, Co., Ltd. is a modernized hi-tech biopharmaceutical company, which integrates research and development, production and sales,committing to the research and development of energy drugs (enteral and parenteral nutrition drugs), anesthesia, cancer and other pharmaceutical fields. At present, the company mainly focuses on the market of narcotic drugs to create fat emulsion series products, aiming to become a benchmark company in the field of fat emulsion segmentation.The company utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies, built in with bulk drug workshop that conforms to new GMP , freeze-dried powder injection workshop, small-volume injection workshop , large-volume injection workshop (Multilayer co-extruded film medical infusion bag) ,soft-capsule preparations workshop, and traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop.1634283312749851

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  • 地址:江蘇省泰州市健康大道801號41幢(藥城)
  • 總機:0523-86200997,0523-86201997
  • 銷售熱線:0523-86200987
  • 銷售熱線:0523-86200983、0523-86200982
  • 傳真:0523-86200053
  • 郵箱:sd@jsykswzy.cn
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